Saturday, January 15, 2011

Im back!!!

To all by buddies , to say that how long am i not update the blog because of certain2 issue need to setteled. How ever this mid-night , i begin to update it as New Year 2011. ... even thought now is already 14th of tell you guys also that ABU ZAR a.k.a bubu already in GOMBAK campus, to Persuie his study in Bachelor Programmes...

Well, now i will act as politics analysis coz
my pro gramme in political Science....huhuhu, tired with current politics...however, i will update an International Politics to bring a freshener in Political Culture.. Therefore, wait for my new excitement ... surprising to say that Politics is everything no just about the state and government ..but also our daily life, religion and etc...i will update that later.... nyte2..see u soon