Monday, February 22, 2010

RoMeO is back!!!!

Satu ketika dahulu saya pernah menggunakan gelaran ini " Romeo" menunjukkan saya pernah menjadi seorang pencinta yang paling setia. Romeo seorang lelaki yang elegen ada prinsip, tegas dan berwawasan ibarat kata" Keras diluar, Lembut di dalam".....Tetapi prinsip yang dipilih sangat bertentangan dengan Fitrah manusia dan melangkaui Ketetapan tuhan....

But I'm different, I am Romeo. But On this situation im been defeated by Love...My Juliet left me two weeks before battle in examination...The falls of Romeo begin.. I have to face the battle without her spirit. Thats is not enough..I have to face the reality life without her...She's happy with some other person...until today she still happy with some other guy..So.instead of that Romeo have to face the world without Juliet.....How ever, The spirit of Love still strong inside Romeo hard...
The rise of Romeo will begin soon

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today is 14th February, there something that most of the couples like is Valentines Day. However , in Islam Muslims are prohibited to celebrate it because it have a dealing with Christians.
But that will be not a topic that i will like to share today...This story i would like to share to all readers.
Today is my ex-girlfriend anniversary with her new boyfriend...that held on 14th February together with Valentines Day.