Sunday, November 7, 2010

Training for Spiritual Happiness

Exausted !! tapi meneyeronokkan dan membahagiakan ..For the first time in mylife Direct training. Al-Maklumlah sedang vacation, so untuk isi masa lapang. Training terus menerus .

After Training Mission and Character Building KL 13 at Holiday Villa ,Subang Jaya with Pak Legisan direct ke UEM Academy at PJ for In House Training UEM 11. Therefore kena generate banyak energy.Bergerak ke sana and ke sini. But, Apa yang hendak dikongsi sebenarnya????..This is my opinion to say that reliable.

Menjadi seorang ATS or Advance Training Series or A.K.A Alumni Training Support adalah sebuah pekerjaan atau latihan yang mulia. Ia adalah menggilap proses Berlian yang tersemat kemas didalam jiwa untuk dikeluarkan potensinya. Banyak fitrah-fitrah yang mulia dikeluarkan . Kemungkinan sebelum ini , ketika menjadi peserta training, Fitrah atau potensi hebat manusia hanya dapat dikenal melalui teori sahaja. Tetapi praktisnya terus ketika di tempat kerja atau dirumah. Tetapi menjadi ATS adalah training terus untuk mengeluarkan Fitrah atau latihan mengeluarkan Fitrah potensi hebat manusia. Justeru, Ia akan menjadi sebuah kebahagiaan memberi or Spiritual Happiness.

The Values that we know or we had learn plus with patient , serve and sincerity are the additional values that ATS will practicing it during their training. therefore, this is the moment to release the " Fitrah" that Allah S.W.t had give us.Praises to Allah for selecting me as on of the soldier to ensure 165 mission is spread to all over the world. To protect and defends The Islam and The muslim. Unity of the ATS is important to ensure vision of 165 is realize with the Golden World Nation 2050. Every alumni and ATS must have the same Mission and Vision that will spread the 165 as the way of life. Every single land will have 165 as the way of life.

We could know denial that , Syaitan will ensure to make the son of Adam lost or run from the track. This is also is the test from Allah S.W.T to see how strong we are , how unite us as the Ummah of the prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. To uphold the vision of Golden World Nation year 2050 is not the trainers job only but every single person that realize 165 is not the ethics but the way of life. The mission to spread the 165 is not easy, there will be a challenge and test from Allah S.W.T to see our momentum and commitment as the slave of Allah.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W build the nation ,spread the 165 as the way of life with lot of challenge , full responsibility and Courage to build the Muslim civilization. Therefore as the person who already know the responsible on 165. You should know what to do. To spread 165 not only with talk, write or speech. but application in our life is also the way to practicing the culture of 165. Forgive and Forget can make syaitan upset on Ummah Of Prophet Muhammad. But Love a person who can destroy or fight each other. accept the fact that we are the descendent's of Adam , Ibrahim and Muhammad. Then you will have clear vision and mission on what you should do...

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