Wednesday, August 14, 2013

~ Past, Presents and Future~

   My last update was 2 years ago which on 2012. I was thought that i wont update it anymore 

because this blog is meaningless to me. However , for the past of two or three days ago, it pull my 

attention to open it again. I read all my previous post from politics, general issue, love, religion 

and everything. All my expression, my thought, opinion, my bad and good day are all in this blog.I

realize that this blog is not like other blogs which have attraction. But, this is my blog , my 

expression and story are all in this blog. It seems like my diary for every activity of my life which 

 want to share and  express it... Therefore introduce again


DATE OF BIRTH : 6th March 1990

Currently Study at IIUM ( Bachelor of Human Science , majoring in Political Science , specialize in International Relation and Comparative Politics, Minoring in Islamic Revealed Knowledge )..

Lives in Shah Alam...


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