Thursday, June 2, 2011

~ mY HeArt FaLLs In TokYo~

My Entry Tonight is something that i seek into my deep heart, where actually i m gonna

continue my further studies. Looking the university and the culture, perhaps i found political

science in United States Of America, or i found it in United Kingdom, London or Middle East

country. However, i forgot the sunshine country , Japan. My former lecturer Miss Rabiah

Aminuddin went to Japan for her master in Political Science. As i know , Japan is one of the

country that practice moral culture. Even thought, recently they faced disaster earth quake,

Tsunami and rector explosion. However, they still uphold the moral principle that they called

" Bushido" . Bushido have absorb in their heart that make them strong to face the challenge

and the same time redevelop the country. I believe if Japan can practicing Bushido that

make them strong. I believe , as a muslim for 20 years , If Muslim uphold the Islamic principle

base on Al-Quran and Sunnah, we can be much better than Japan, and in the future can brings

back the glory of Islam rules 2/3 of the world. But the question is how they cultivate the

Bushido culture in their life. For Japan, shogun is responsible to brings it to the community .

even thought, in Meiji restoration , the principle still uphold with his speech " I have dream

a unified of the Japan, become strong, independant and modern. And Now we have rails

rolls , western clothing, and canon. But we cannot forget who we are, or where we come

from." The speech that burn the japanese to develop the country but never forget their


Therefore, the formula to build the culture i see in Japan. In order to build a strong

political power and cleanness about politics.The culture must be construct in order to have

fair and square political ideas. In other hand, i see that my heart feels to fall in Japan ,

perhaps i found peace in myheart

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