Monday, August 16, 2010

~Love story~

When talk about Love, it must relate with hearts.Everybody have their own definition about Love.However, Love makes you happy in whole live,even thought, properties could not guarantee Love itself. Love truly blinds,it can unite without boarders. Old and young, Perfect and imperfect physical, poor and rich. Love doesn't recognize all the materials or physical.Love make a person gonna live another hundred or thousand years in the future.

Unfortunately, love without guidance is a waste and lost. Love must be guide with enough knowledge about human and love. because love it self correlate with heart ,and heart can change anytime. therefore, love must be guided with enough knowledge and strong heart.To control it, wish from god ,is most important. Truth love and never falls only Love that direct to god which is Allah.

I had read a novel that was " Bara Cinta Canberra" by Ikmal hakimi, publisher PTS. the contain of the book ,tell us that if we seek god love,we will meet human love. Therefore, lot of sacrifice we need to seek god love.But, are we truthly love god and put 1 love to our god deeply in our heart. Human could die,but God which is Allah never die forever.

Love that only contact human itself ,will faill.Therefore, human life will be stress and suicide or murdurer is the solution to kill the pain from love. In this situation, Loe become poison that change human behaviour from kind to evil, revenge ,anger and hated. This story we can get from Star Wars Episode ii and iii. Which Love change Anakin Skywalker and lead him to the dark side.

Love is pures thing in human being, but mankind corrupt it distruct the purity of love.

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